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From Cricket Lover to Stock Market Champion—Learn & display your Investing Skills to win up to PKR 500,000 in prizes and Job Offers in Pakistan's biggest stock investing competition.

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    Master Investing Skills with 6+ Top-Notch Courses & Live Webinars!

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    Compete Live with 1000s of people to showcase your skills— Zero Risk, All Thrill!

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    Cash Prizes, Job Offers, and Unlock VIP Access to Annual Memberships!

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Win huge cash prizes in the competition! Plan smart, trade like a pro, and take home the jackpot

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PKR 2,500


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  • Log in to your Internet Banking Account.
  • Transfer the league amount PKR 985/- to the following account:
  • After the online transfer, email us the following details at:
  • Our team will get in touch with you within 24 hours.
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Answer : To register for the Investors Lounge World Cup, follow these simple steps:

  1. Begin the registration process by entering essential details such as your Name, Email, and Mobile number.
  2. Click the "Pay Now" button to proceed.
  3. You will be directed to our secure payment gateway. Please complete the payment for the registration fees.
  4. Upon successful payment, capture a screenshot or photograph of the payment confirmation slip.
  5. Forward the payment slip to our official WhatsApp line at +923028222899 . Ensure you also mention the email address you registered with.
  6. Once your payment is verified, our team will enroll you in a preliminary practice league. This will acquaint you with our platform and offer a preparatory phase before the main competition kicks off.

By following these steps, you'll secure your spot in the competition and gain access to valuable learning resources.

Answer: Absolutely, you can! The Investors Lounge World Cup is designed to be beginner-friendly and offers a range of educational resources to get you up to speed. Here's how it works:

  1. Learn: Once you register, you'll get access to over 6 top-notch courses and live webinars that cover everything from the basics to more advanced investing strategies.
  2. Play: You'll then enter a real-time trading competition with zero financial risk, as you'll be using dummy money. This allows you to practice your newly acquired skills in a safe environment.
  3. Win: The competition offers not just the thrill of trading but also the chance to win cash prizes, job offers, and VIP annual memberships.
So, even if you're starting from scratch, the Investors Lounge World Cup provides a comprehensive learning experience that can help you become proficient in stock investing.

Answer: The Investors Lounge World Cup spans over a specific period, with several key dates to keep in mind:

  1. Registration Opens:15th October, 2023 - This is when you can start signing up for the competition.
  2. Registration Closes:25th Jan, 2024 - Make sure to register before this date to secure your spot.
  3. Practice League Starts: 1st November, 2023- Get familiar with the platform and start learning before the actual competition begins.
  4. Competition Starts: 1st Feb, 2024- This is the official start date of the competition.
  5. Competition Ends: 29th Mar, 2024 - The competition concludes on this date, and winners will be announced shortly after.

The entire competition will last for 2 Months. Make sure to mark these dates on your calendar so you don't miss out on any of the action!

Answer: Staying updated is easy! We have a dedicated WhatsApp group where you can join by clicking on this link: Click Here. Additionally, we regularly post updates on our social media platforms:

  1. Facebook
  2. LinkedIn
  3. Twitter
  4. Instagram

For video lessons and webinars, check out our YouTube channel: Click Here. Make sure to subscribe to all these platforms to stay in the loop and get the latest updates on the competition and educational content.

Answer: The competition has a set of rules to make it fair and engaging. Every player starts with PKR 1 million in virtual money for stock investments. Here's what you need to know:

  1. Hold Time: Whether you're buying or shorting a stock, you must hold it for at least 1 hour before selling. More than three violations of this rule will result in disciplinary actions.
  2. Fair Play: Cheating or exploiting loopholes is not allowed. If caught, you'll be disqualified right away.
  3. Trade Count: To qualify for prizes, you need to make at least 10 trades, but no more than 300. This ensures active but responsible trading.
  4. Diverse Portfolio: You can't invest more than 25% of your virtual cash in a single stock, encouraging a balanced approach.

By sticking to these rules, you'll have a fair and enjoyable competition experience. Good luck!